Question regarding the Telepathy prpl

Richard Laager rlaager at
Thu Apr 23 08:39:10 EDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 23:22 -0700, Mark Doliner wrote:
> Something to
> keep in mind... if you can manage to keep the plugin id the same for
> the native version as for the Telepathy version (e.g. "prpl-yahoo" for
> both) then users see the same set of chat logs regardless of which
> prpl they're using.

While keeping the plugin ID the same might matter for other things (like
the buddy list entries... othewise you'll end up with one set of buddies
on the regular Yahoo prpl and one set for the Telepathy Yahoo prpl), it
won't matter for logging. Log names are based off the list_icon prpl


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