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That sounded like a good opportunity to quickly introduce myself.

I wasn't a SoC applicant, but I am currently undertaking a Master course on
FOSS development and am looking to make a contribution.  See  

I've been lurking in the chat rooms, reading the Wiki, checking out the Trac
tickets, working through the HOWTOs and generally checking out the code.

Eventually I've got an itch to scratch with an IM client that I think might
make a good plugin.  But I'll post that via the Trac and ask for feedback

In the meantime, I'm volunteering to fix a bug or two, triage some bugs and
even add some documentation.


John Uhlmann

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Hi everybody!  We had 63 really great applications this year for
Google Summer of Code.  It's always hard to narrow down the list of
applicants, and of course we couldn't accept everyone we wanted to.
If you're a student who applied to Pidgin/Finch/libpurple and didn't
get accepted, we'd love to have you contribute anyway!  This is an
open source project and we think there's a lot of opportunity to learn
just by volunteering a little--fix a bug or two, triage some bugs in
our trac, add some documentation, etc.

Anyhoo, you can see the list of the seven accepted students here:

Thanks to everyone who applied!

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