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Hi John,

I heard a rumor that Yahoo is going to turn off the data center behind sometimes in summer. If this is true, then pidgin won't be able to connect to Yahoo.

How hard is it to implement protocol 0x10 (16)?

Another friend was telling me that Miranda has crack the new protocol already, but I didn't verify it yet. Is it possible for libpurple to leverage their works?



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> Subject: Re: yahoo's authentication method
> > Lastly, I notice in Yahoo 9.x, it talks to instead of
> > YAHOO_PAGER_HOST "". When I change to scs1 in my pidgin,
> > I cannot login. What's going on?
> The last time I used Yahoo 9 it connected to one of the following servers in
> random succession:
> -
> -
> Yahoo 9 uses YMSG protocol version 0x10 (16), which has an entirely different
> authentication mechanism involving an HTTPS request to  Trying
> to connect to the servers Yahoo 9 uses won't work because they don't listen for
> the legacy login packets.
> John

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