Stu Tomlinson stu at
Tue Aug 4 22:11:42 EDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 00:27, Kevin Stange<kstange at> wrote:
>> when I ssh to rock, it lets me in, but every command I run fails saying
>> that fork failed to allocate memory.  Can you contact our host?
> I got this taken care of.  The migration they ran last night did not
> quite go as planned.  We're now on Virtuozzo instead of OpenVZ and some
> of the resource limits changed for no apparent reasons.

Thanks Kevin!

rock's resource limits look sane now, but some of imperial's are still
a bit suspect to me - max # of processes = 350 being the most obvious
that might cause us problems. Maybe you could ask them to set
imperial's limits to match rock?



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