Inclusion of MXit plugin into Pidgin

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Aug 5 00:50:28 EDT 2009

Kevin Stange wrote:
> I am generally in favor of doing this, provided you're willing to
> subscribe some of your support team to our "support" mailing list and
> field questions about the mxit plugin and help us expand documentation
> on our wiki to include login and usage help.  Presence in our IRC
> channel and on other lists would be welcome as well.

Yes, this would be a great first step toward including the plugin in Pidgin.
Getting involved in the community and helping us to support the plugin will
greatly smooth the bumps in the road.

> It's certainly not my decision to set you up with commit access, but I
> would think having you work on your development in a mxit monotone
> branch, which we occasionally propagate to our primary branch for
> "release ready" code would be reasonable.  This is how we handle the
> OpenQ project for QQ support as well.  Other developers should chime in
> with opinions. :)

I know I've objected to including more prpls before, particularly the Facebook
Chat plugin, but in this case I have no preference one way or the other.  If we
are to accept the plugin into our tree, I agree that it should be handled in
much the same way that we handle the QQ plugin--have a team that works on a
separate branch that can be merged back to im.pidgin.pidgin at release-ready points.

Also, as a side note, we can't do this for 2.6.0 as we're already in string
freeze.  If it's decided we want to have the plugin in-tree, it will have to be
for 2.6.1 or some future version.


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