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Wed Aug 5 02:45:27 EDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 7:50 AM, John Bailey<rekkanoryo at> wrote:
> Sulabh Mahajan wrote:
> <snip the ascii-art since it renders for crap in reply for me>
>> Please provide your comments. Anyone has a better idea?
> I like your simpler interface idea with the extra window for more advanced
> settings.  Since it appears you already have the UI in your screen shot, though,
> I would say run with that UI for now and try to work on any other aspects of
> your project that you need to (I'm not currently sure where you stand, as I
> honestly haven't been following your project as closely as I should be).  Making
> the UI pretty can come later, in my opinion.  This isn't so much of a
> function-over-form vs. form-over-function thing as it is a "get the core stuff
> in place and let the UI sort itself out" thing.
> John
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Sorry to cut in your thread... but allow me to express a user opinion,
which at this point I don't realize if it already has been said or

Is it possible that the extra window with advanced options could get
it's data by calling a function in the prpl, which could return its
(the prpl's) privacy capabilities ?
Eg, For Felipe's MSN plugin, would return nothing, as it doesn't have
any extra capabilities and for Jabber, which has extension
capabilities, could return more than the ones mentioned originally.

I am saying this, since now there would be no common layout for the
capabilities to fit in (the table originally mentioned and mocked-up
by Sulabh).

Best regards,

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