Privacy Rewrite GSoC Project

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Aug 5 01:50:06 EDT 2009

Sulabh Mahajan wrote:
<snip the ascii-art since it renders for crap in reply for me>
> Please provide your comments. Anyone has a better idea?

I like your simpler interface idea with the extra window for more advanced
settings.  Since it appears you already have the UI in your screen shot, though,
I would say run with that UI for now and try to work on any other aspects of
your project that you need to (I'm not currently sure where you stand, as I
honestly haven't been following your project as closely as I should be).  Making
the UI pretty can come later, in my opinion.  This isn't so much of a
function-over-form vs. form-over-function thing as it is a "get the core stuff
in place and let the UI sort itself out" thing.


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