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Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at
Wed Aug 5 03:28:40 EDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 10:18 AM, Mark Doliner<mark at> wrote:
>> Please provide your comments. Anyone has a better idea?
>> I will go ahead with this structure, if no one provides a better idea.
> Hmm, I do think I prefer this simpler interface over the one in your
> screenshot.  I'm not sure "Custom" is the right approach for blocking
> specific people.  I think blocking specific people is an often used
> privacy feature, and I don't think it should be hidden one level
> deeper.  I wonder if maybe the per contact setting would fit in the
> main privacy dialog.
> Also, I'm not sure it's necessary to differentiate between blocking
> presence, IMs, chat, FT, etc.  I think if someone blocks a person then
> 95% of the time they don't want to get any communication from that
> person.  Would removing this differentiation make the UI simpler?  If
> so, my vote would be to remove the differentiation and just have a
> single option to "block everything from this person."

Not to mention that the differentiation would be a no-op in MSN as
I've already explained.

But I'll have to be clear on this: this new design is not solving
anything and only introducing new problems. What is supposed to happen
when you select "Allow all users" in MSN? There's no such privacy

Felipe Contreras

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