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> Not to mention that the differentiation would be a no-op in MSN as
> I've already explained.
> But I'll have to be clear on this: this new design is not solving
> anything and only introducing new problems. What is supposed to happen
> when you select "Allow all users" in MSN? There's no such privacy
> setting.

"Allow all users" in MSN would be emptying the block list, including the
meta contact "all others". So it would be doing what it says, allowing

Similarly, there are options of block list and allow list in AIM, but there
are no such states in the interface I mentioned. How do we then set an AIM
account to the state of "Block everyone on block list", easy we block each
user we want to, and unblock "all others" meta contact. How do we set the
account to the state of "Allow only the users on allow list", we allow the
users we want, and remove "all others" metacontact from the allow list.

-- Sulabh
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