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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Aug 5 09:55:56 EDT 2009

Mark Doliner wrote:
> Also, I'm not sure it's necessary to differentiate between blocking
> presence, IMs, chat, FT, etc.  I think if someone blocks a person then
> 95% of the time they don't want to get any communication from that
> person.  Would removing this differentiation make the UI simpler?  If
> so, my vote would be to remove the differentiation and just have a
> single option to "block everything from this person."

This was discussed before, and not enough objections appeared at the time to say
we didn't want the granularity.  In my opinion, the issue should be considered
closed and Sulabh should proceed with implementing the granularity, as there was
ample time for objections before.


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