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> Hi,
> I'd like to suggest some Sametime enhancements.
> I work in a large corporate with about 5000 employees.  We use Lotus Notes
> and about 1500 of the employees have the Sametime component of Notes
> connected.  The rest are in the Sametime directory, but are always offline.
> With so many users, I prefer to have only my most-contacted colleagues on
> my buddy list.  Adding a buddy to Sametime requires a bit more effort than
> for other protocols. I have to enter the name and surname (e.g. 'Francois
> Botha'), and then a dialog box titled 'Select User' pops telling me an
> ambiguous user ID was entered.  Only one entry is usually in the list but
> the full User Name would be 'Francois Botha/SL_IT/HK/Corporate'.
> At this stage I can add the buddy and only then can I see if he's really
> online or not (by looking in the buddy list itself). Else I can IM him
> directly, but then there is no indication of his online status, and as I
> mentioned, about 2/3rds of our staff are offline.
> Can the online status be shown in the 'Select User' dialog box so that I
> know whether the user is online before adding or IM'ing him?  Else, is it
> possible to show the online status for a user in the conversation window
> when I click IM and he is NOT in my buddy list?  That would save me a lot of
> effort.
> Another request:  although I keep only my most-contacted contacts in my
> buddy list, it is still quite a long list and I often accidently re-add a
> user which is already in my buddy list.  There is currently no indication
> that I'm adding a duplicate.  I suggest adding a column (yet again to the
> 'Select User' dialog box) which shows whether the user is already in the
> buddy list or not. I have seen this with another protocol. The alternative
> is when I click Add, to prompt me that I'm adding a duplicate.
> I hope someone can implement these enhancements or alternatives that would
> make life a bit easier.

Ok, maybe I should take this step by step. Is the sametime protocol
maintained by the core Pidgin team or by some 3rd party?

Francois Botha
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