Sametime enhancements

Ethan Blanton elb at
Fri Aug 21 10:33:51 EDT 2009

Since you may be interested in doing some of this work yourself, let
me reply to individual points...  The sametime-specific questions I
cannot say much about, of course.

Francois Botha spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Can the online status be shown in the 'Select User' dialog box so that I
> know whether the user is online before adding or IM'ing him?  Else, is it
> possible to show the online status for a user in the conversation window
> when I click IM and he is NOT in my buddy list?  That would save me a lot of
> effort.

Both of these depend on Sametime, and I cannot say.

> Another request:  although I keep only my most-contacted contacts in my
> buddy list, it is still quite a long list and I often accidently re-add a
> user which is already in my buddy list.  There is currently no indication
> that I'm adding a duplicate.  I suggest adding a column (yet again to the
> 'Select User' dialog box) which shows whether the user is already in the
> buddy list or not. I have seen this with another protocol. The alternative
> is when I click Add, to prompt me that I'm adding a duplicate.

Doing this after clicking Add for *all* protocols seems reasonable.
If a user exists in the buddy list, pop up either a box that says
"this user is already in the buddy list", or perhaps "this user is
already present in another group", if that is the case.


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