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Kevin Hughes theshirt23 at
Wed Aug 12 16:41:17 EDT 2009

I am developing an IM server of sorts based on libpurple, and I'd very much
like to be able to tell my UI to hit the database just once for the user's
entire buddy list.
As such, I was hoping that the Yahoo prpl emitted some sort of signal when
the entire list had been received. I don't see any such signal in libpurple,
and I was wondering if any of you were aware of such a thing in the YMSG

I know the 'signed-on' signal is emitted once one buddy list message has
been processed from Yahoo, but the buddy list can be spread across multiple
messages, if it is large (right?), and I hoped that at the end of these,
Yahoo was kind enough to let us know it was through.

To be clear, this is a question about the Yahoo protocol, since I know that
libpurple does not look for or specify any such signal from Yahoo.

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