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Lass against class ours is the losing class at every turn because we
have been the least organized, the least co-operative; consequently the
weakest. Before we can hope to hold our own in this struggle we will
have to bring our full strength, thoroughly organized, to bear in
protection of our rights. "I have an abiding faith that the organized
farmers will receive that strength, not selfishly but unselfishly in the
defence of the rights of all and for the spoliation of none. The highest
ambition I have for our organization is that it may develop along the
lines of safety and sanity, that we may hold to a steady determination
to go forward unwaveringly in our efforts till the door of hope and
opportunity is as wide open to the farmers as to any class in the world,
that we may zealously cultivate unselfish co-operation and learn to
treat fairly and justly every man and every class that is giving a
useful service to society." And this from the Presidential address of R.
C. Henders at the last Manitoba Grain Growers' convention: "In order to
have legislation that will be equitable to the different interests
concerned, all of these interests should be somewhat equally represented
in the passing of such legislation. We do not desire to minimize in any
way the great commercial interests of our people, yet we feel that the
work of our associations is educational and legislative in its
character. Democratic rule requires that the average citizen be an
active, instructed and intelligent ruler of his country and therefore
the success of democracy depends upon the education of the people along
two principal lines--first, political knowledge; second, and what is of
far more importance, political morality. Ideal government is found when
we have righteous rulers governing a people of character and
intelligence. Right education is right thinking and right thinking can
only come through accurate information." Now, is all this preaching of
the men who are leading the farmers just so much talk?--chaff?--prairie
wind? If not, what lies back of it? The farmers have an organization
which meets every so-of
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