Separate Visual Studio Project Branch

Wade Fagen wfagen2 at
Sat Aug 22 09:05:04 EDT 2009

Quick little e-mail from me, the Visual Studio GSoC student.

I've been in pretty constant IM communications with many of those
particularly interested in various aspects of the Visual Studio build
and application, but one of the aspects of the entire project that
I've gotten the most questions about and the one feature that seems
more relevant to the core im.pidgin.pidgin branch is the minimal
changes necessary to have a Visual Studio project file that can build

As such, I've just pushed a new branch,
im.pidgin.soc.2009.penguin.vslibpurple, that makes a small change to
internal.h to add a #define _VISUAL_STUDIO that specifies a specific
config.h file held in libpurple/win32/vs9/ since make is not available
in Visual Studio to generate a config.h file on its own.  The Visual
Studio project file is also contained in libpurple/win32/vs9/.

The project file has been set up with all the files and options
necessary to build libpurple *except* for the dependencies for the
basic libpurple (glib and libxml2).  The main branch has a README file
explaining how to acquire those sources and project files set up to
compile libpurple while linking those sources (if it'd be useful, I
could add a wiki page to d.p.i explaining where to get the sources).

Anyhow, just thought that the broader community might be interested in this. :)
- wade

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