Gadu-Gadu protocol update and patch

tsalacinski at tsalacinski at
Wed Aug 26 21:12:46 EDT 2009

Current code gives the pointer to crc32 value. Then, when
ggp_send_image_handler function is launched, g_hash_table_lookup uses
a different pointer - to ev->event.image_reply->crc32. That's a
different pointer, so the image is not sent (because
g_hash_table_lookup returns NULL, and then imgid = 0 and there's no
data under that id).

Unfortunately g_hash_table_lookup accepts pointers as arguments, not
values. While I have the CRC, I need to pass its value to some other
function and get the imgid. If I am wrong, please correct me.

All what is needed is to store crc32->imgid pair and make it available
to ggp_send_image_handler function. When having imgid, I can retrieve
the image's data from purple_image_store and then send it to other
user. Current g_hash_table method doesn't work at all (it didn't send
any image I've tried to send, g_hash_table_lookup always returned

W dniu 27 sierpnia 2009 02:58 użytkownik Paul Aurich
<paul at> napisał:
> And Tomasz Sałaciński spoke on 08/25/2009 06:25 PM, saying:
>> Hi,
>> GKeyFile is an interesting choice, as you seem to use it only as a
>>> hash table, with only one category.  Is there a particular reason you
>>> did not use GHashTable?  The use of GKeyFile will be OK for Pidgin
>>> 2.7.0, as it requires only glib 2.6, but it cannot be merged before
>>> 2.7.0.
>> I use GKeyFile because it's more extensible - I can use it in the future for other things and it's very easy
>> and clean to understand when you're reading the code. GHashTable lookup requires a valid pointer,
>> which I can't pass to the ggp_send_image_handler function as this function is called by event triggered
>> by libgadu, not libpurple.
>> It works like this:
>> 1. User sends message with images
>> 2. Client A(Pidgin) sends the message and crc, name and size of the image to client B (original Gadu-Gadu client)
>> 3. Client B sends gg_image_request event to client A - requests image with particular crc.
>> 4. Libpurple handles this with ggp_send_image_handler, so associations between image id and crc32 need to be stored
>> globally. I can't pass any pointer to this function. It just finds the crc and corresponding image id and sends the
>> "data" section of image from the store.
>> I can work around this by using a pointer array - if you have no problem with more than 11 variables in GGPInfo struct.
> Hmm, how is that different from what the code is doing currently using the
> GHashTable pending_images?
> ~Paul

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