[Fwd: pidgin: c0a4c265: As darkrain pointed out this isnt caused...]

Paul Aurich paul at darkrain42.org
Fri Aug 28 17:41:10 EDT 2009

Oops, ignore this. Thunderbird^WIcedove didn't tell me there were unread
messages in my Pidgin folder until after I sent it.


And Paul Aurich spoke on 08/28/2009 02:32 PM, saying:
> Does anyone else have preferences on how purple_normalize() should beha=
> if it's passed a NULL string?
> I personally prefer crashy behavior (perhaps an explicit g_assert?) bec=
> it tends to clearly reveal bugs (in the case of #10115, the gevolution
> plugin passing a NULL pointer as the PurpleBuddy* argument of
> purple_account_add_buddy).
> ~Paul

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