[PATCH] Non-ASCII alias is totally stripped

Paul Aurich paul at darkrain42.org
Mon Aug 31 12:14:04 EDT 2009

And 马旋(SuperMMX) spoke on 08/30/2009 11:47 PM, saying:
> Hi, guys:
> I am regular MTN trunk user of Pidgin, and sometimes contribute to Pidgin.
> But this time, this bug removes all my aliases in Chinese.
> The bug was introduced in revision c61d5559bb5cfd55defb3613015e9118dbc2184e
> which changed the logic of purple_utf8_strip_unprintables. It was not
> aware of Non-ASCII characters at all.
> The patch is simple and attached.
> This makes me think of what Pidgin need in development : Code Review,
> which can void many stupid bugs like this one.

Gah. Thanks, this is fixed now in monotone.


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