Restore roster messed by Pidgin 2.5

Михаил Лукин mihail.lukin at
Thu Dec 17 15:40:54 EST 2009

Hi, developers

Few months ago (Pidgin 2.5) I tried to re-organize my roster, which
contained ICQ, Jabber and GTalk contacts (total 3 accounts). What I
did was:
1) Remove contact name (F2, DELETE, RETURN); then display user
information dialog, which automatically fills contact name with it's
2) Drag-n-drop contact from one group to another;
3) Rename group.

As a result, my server-side contact lists became unusable (empty
contact names as result of action (1), wrong contact and group names
as result of (2) and (3)). But I didn't even mentioned it until
blist.xml was removed.

Now (Pidgin 2.6) blist issues are still alive: when I delete a contact
on machine #1, it still appears on machine #2 because it remains in
blist.xml. But it's OK for me to delete blist.xml from time to time :)

The question is what to do with those 3 accounts where server-side
contact-lists is a mess? Maybe it's good idea to have a tool which is
something like:

for contact in roster:
  contact.displayName = contact.vCard['NickName']

Sorry for python example, sorry for posting here. Support mailing list
and launchpad "answers" didn't help me at all... :(


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