More than just a plugin

Kevin Stange kstange at
Thu Dec 17 17:38:23 EST 2009

On 12/17/2009 12:11 PM, Andrew Seed wrote:
> I am not surprised the contact form is not working. The site is not
> offically final. Its work in progress until the program is launched. As
> I said in my original mail the program is in beta (and they were not
> expecting me to post the URL to the mailing list ).
> To both Stu and Ethan I will get you a version tomorrow ( is after
> office hours now)
> To everybody else , I would rather not send the code out until the
> project is released and I get the web developers to do something for
> source code request.

Why not just post the source on the web site at the same time as you
make your release so you do not need to worry about having someone
process source requests?


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