John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Dec 19 13:02:21 EST 2009

Dirk wrote:
> pidgin is chat turned into hopeless bloat that opens popup windows..
> someone has had too much time on his hands and kept adding and adding
> bullshit instead to fuck off and having a KISS principle
> ( IM client... popup windows
> that can't be prevented without having to read/know something is the
> result... annoying..
> i'll just put some php icq (and irc too) classes together on a https and
> it WILL BE awesome..

First off, watch the language or I will ban you from posting to this list.  I'm
sick and tired of childish use of profanity on public mailing lists for no reason.

Secondly, if you have complaints about pidgin, bring them up in a *mature*
manner, which I can tell is going to be a challenge for you, and we might be
able to assist with them.  The fact of the matter is the vast majority of our
users don't have a problem with our behavior, and those that do are usually
satisfied once they discuss it with us in a civilized and mature manner.

Third, if you're aiming for webapps, you could always do something simple like
try Meebo or one of its numerous clones.  Reinventing the wheel is just a waste
of everyone's time.


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