[ANN] msn-pecan-0.1.0-rc2 ready for testing

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 05:23:10 EST 2009


It took longer than expected, but msn-pecan 0.1.0-rc2 is ready :) There are
bugfixes all over the place, so everybody should upgrade as soon as possible.

The important ones are: chats work again, several oim improvements, and
directconn now truly enabled.

WARNING: it turns out directconn wasn't really used, even if you enabled it in
the preferences, so if you experience crashes while transfering files that's
expected (since it doesn't work yet), so just disable it.

An important feature is support for the N900[1] thanks to telepathy-haze.
There's a standalone package which is easy to install.

Only a few bugs remain to release 0.1.0, but the most important one: fully
functional direct connections, still needs some work =/

This is the list of issues fixed:
162     Invisible status is visible
179     Received Offline Messages have wrong receiving timezone
190     Can't send messages to offline contacts
194     libmsn-pecan can't be loaded in windows with pidgin 2.5.8
70      WLM plugin does not auto connect when returning from suspend, it showes
        up disabled
219     Crash pidgin in process_body_receive at pn_oim.c:468
138     Translation is not whole integrated from Launchpad
193     Error when set long(<=130) utf-8 display name
202     Crash in pn_peer_call_free
186     pidgin crashes on establishing http connection using msn-pecan over
        proxy using ntlmapps
198     No Handwriting Coming in
206     Cannot login anymore when changed my password
211     Segfault in pn_oim.c process_body_receive() on badly formatted message
215     Is "Continuous friendly name reset on MSN" fixed in msn-pecan?
216     msn-pecan crashes on msn_transaction_destroy
143     Pidgin crashes upon MSN Chat invite
201     Crash on switchboard handling
178     Write a to-do list in the wiki

Here's the diffstat:
40 files changed, 1225 insertions(+), 876 deletions(-)

Here is the current list of pending issues for 0.1.0 final:

Download from the usual place:

Finally, here's the shortlog:

Alexandre André (1):
      Add new Esperanto translation

Devid Antonio Filoni (15):
      oim: implement msnp15 SSO authentication
      Adium: add a musical note in status text
      Adium: remove useless ifdefs
      Adium: don't build winks receiving support
      Adium: do not show "I'm listening" field in get_info
      Fix build with libpurple < 2.5.0
      Fix a crash when a multichat window is opened
      pn_oim.c: parse received OIM date
      sb: fix handwritten messages receiving in Pidgin
      util: parse_date() fix an issue releated to dst
      oim: authenticate SSO if it expires
      oim: decrease count whem messages fail
      dp: trivial reorganization
      dp: prioritize contacts without pictures
      Store the friendly name in purple account

Elliott Sales de Andrade (5):
      Properly quote the imgstore ID for ink messages
      pidgin: strip personal message
      util: fix crash with all font effects
      pidgin: send proper emoticon messages in chats
      pidgin: fix local simleys in chats

Felipe Contreras (58):
      oim: remove lingering pn_test's
      sb: trivial cleanups
      Fix clang warnings from previous commit
      peer-link: cancel call if we ran out of memory
      directconn: another build fix
      directconn: fix a build warning
      session: fix login with big passwords
      pidgin: make offline and invisible status saveable
      contact: add new _is_in_group()
      session: synchronize contacts
      sb: fix chat refcount
      Fix chat handling
      sb: remove unnecessary ANS handling
      pidgin: reorganize chat stuff a bit
      sb: remove timer on chats
      Don't url_encode friendly name
      test: add check for pn_friendly_name_encode()
      nexus: code-style cleanups
      nexus: remove unused cookie stuff
      nexus: trivial cleanups
      nexus: reorganize a bit
      nexus: reorganize error handling a bit
      nexus: add error handling
      ns: trivial cleanup
      sslconn: add connection error handling
      nexus: rewrite to use ssl_conn
      nexus: add connection error handling
      Remove pn_socket
      Use gio instead of gobject
      Makefile: add USE_GIO
      node: add optional gio support
      http: add optional gio support
      Create new pn_parse_date()
      test: add check for parse_date
      util: cleanup pn_parse_date()
      util: reorganize pn_parse_date()
      Update get-version stuff
      Makefile: improve win32 build
      win32: improve README
      Remove fix_purple_win32
      Replace G_GSIZE_FORMAT with %zu
      fix_purple: remove unused stuff
      Bump glib requirement to 2.16
      Remove unnecessary usage of fix_purple.h
      Remove silly libpurple workarounds
      Reorganize public alias stiff a bit
      Update translations
      Enable directconn by default
      ns: fix invitation to second switchboard
      sb: check for switchboards being chats
      Makefile: fix static build
      Makefile: nicer pretty print
      Makefile: improve clean target
      Makefile: prettify msgfmt
      Makefile: prettify windres
      Makefile: trivial cleanup
      Makefile: fix version in tarball
      oim: fix trivial warning

John Bailey (1):
      Fix security vulnerability

Octavio Alvarez (2):
      directconn: build fixes
      directconn: generic bug fixes

Simone Contini (1):
      oim: handle malformed data in process_body_receive

Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal (2):
      Silence the compiler in 64 bit architectures.
      directconn: silence the compiler

Felipe Contreras

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