MSN/WLM Protol in Pidgin

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Dec 30 00:09:18 EST 2009

Greg wrote:
> personally i think  its weak at the moment. but with this new
> msn-pecan-0.1.0 is it likely to become Default WLM protocol in Pidgin or
> no? is it ever likely to be updated to the latest Protocol in Pidgin?
> -- 
> *Regards Greg*

msn-pecan is a third-party plugin.  We have no active involvement in its
development.  Our own MSNp15 implementation is continually improving as
MSN-inclined developers fix bugs and implement new features.  Work is ongoing to
support MSNp16 and newer, but this will take some time.  As for whether
msn-pecan will be updated to support current MSN protocol versions, we have no
idea--you'd have to ask the plugin's author.  That plugin is not likely to ever
become part of our distribution, much less become our default MSN plugin.


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