Does Pidgin have any policy regarding changing of dbus API?

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> Hello,

you should be sending this to the Pidgin devel mailing list instead of a
specific developer.

Im working on Pidgin IM status changer for Rhythmbox. I wanted to know
> about Pidgin's policy of changing its dbus API binding such as
> purple.PurpleSavedstatusGetMessage(status). I concern about this because
> of the sustainability of my python code for future release. Will there
> be any major changes afffecting the dbus API soon, let say, for the next
> 6 month?
The DBus API follows the C API. As such, it will follow the conventions we
have for API/ABI compatibility. That is, no API is added until a minor
version update (2.X.0) and no API is removed until a major version update
(X.0.0). API might change meaning slightly, but generally only if there's a
real problem.

In any case, the saved status API is so large and complicated (we are aware
it needs simplification) that it probably won't change until 3.0.0. But
there is no specific plan, so I cannot say whether there will be significant
changes in the next 6 months. It depends on when the code is ready to be
used or not.

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