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On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 12:17 AM, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at>wrote:

> Hey, guys,
> Recently we've seen a rash of complaints about old versions of Pidgin no
> longer
> working with MSN.  These complaints all stem from the MSNp9 plugin.  As
> it's
> been discussed, the issue is that when we negotiate with the server, we
> declare
> that we support MSNP9 and MSNP8.  The server then tells us to use MSNP8.
> Instead of continuing, we stop with the message "Our protocol is not
> supported
> by the server."  From this message, I'm going to assume that we don't
> support
> MSNP8 at all.
That's probably actually a bug in our parsing of the response that only
accepts the best version we sent (even though we send more than one
version). It's fixed in msnp16 branch, and not a problem in mainline (since
we only send one version). But I have no idea how well we support MSNP8

> This leads me to two questions--first, have MSN's servers stopped
> supporting
> MSNP9 entirely?  Second, if so, what's the point of keeping an MSNP9 plugin
> in-tree?  We have our history in monotone if anyone wants the code for
> reference, and our MSNP15 support has improved tremendously over the last
> several months.
Yes, it appears they have:
$ nc 1863

I'm not sure there's any need for it now. It hasn't been used or maintained
in a very long time.

> John
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