Making Pidgin small-screen-friendly

Michael Terry michael.terry at
Fri Feb 20 13:39:07 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-19 at 14:34 -0500, Michael Terry wrote:
> Hello, gentle Pidgin developers!

I've been adding patches to

There are a couple changes in those patches from what I originally

1. Instead of dropping the 'Mute sound' option (it needs to be there for
Windows and it's more tied to other bits of the UI than I thought, like
the Tools menu), I just moved the whole 'Sound Events' section to the
right.  Dropping that one preference wasn't going to be enough anyway.

2. One of my patches for the Network tab drops the entire 'Proxy &
Browser' section when in GNOME.  I thought it unnecessary, and it saves
a lot of space (when in GNOME).

I haven't quite addressed the whole Conversation/Smiley Theme tabs yet.
I don't think the original patch in that bug goes far enough, but it's a
good start.

This effort makes the implicit assumption that should be changed from
recommending a target of 800x600 (which doesn't seem to have been
followed anyway) to something smaller.  Like... 800x540.  Is that a
change in focus that you are all OK with?  It didn't sound like you
hated the idea of working on a smaller screen, but that's a bit
different from changing your official target.

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