Making Pidgin small-screen-friendly

Michael Terry michael.terry at
Fri Feb 20 16:27:49 EST 2009

Just a quick note, I'm done with my patches for the Preferences dialog
in -- a review would be welcome.

Also, some further feedback on what I'm thinking now for the Buddy
Pounce dialog:  I originally wrote that I would try to move things
around in the dialog, using more horizontal space by laying things out
in the various sections side by side.

I tried it, and it looks horrible.  All sorts of widgets all over the
place; it just looked cluttered.

I'm now thinking that the best option is to use tabs.  At least an
Action tab, maybe another.

Tabs don't excite me -- ideally nothing that the majority of people
would want to change would go on them, as I can imagine not seeing the
tabs at first blush.  But I don't see any other way to control the size
of that dialog.

Thankfully, I think the default pounce settings are pretty good for at
least Actions and Options, and arguably 'Pounce when' too.  I've never
wanted anything besides just a notification to pop up when a buddy signs
on.  But if I did, I'd like to believe I'd look for a tab after not
seeing such an option.

Do we have an idea of how common the various non-default options are?

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