Making Pidgin small-screen-friendly

Ibrahim Awwal ibrahim.awwal at
Sat Feb 21 15:27:13 EST 2009

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 7:38 AM, Etan Reisner
<pidgin at> wrote:
> Changes to the outgoing font size should show in the demo input area, as
> such reverting to the defaults should show as well, though nothing
> indicates 'these are the defaults'.
I just wanted to point out that clicking the "reset formatting" option
resets to whatever default was, which is good enough for me as a user.
Also, I inadvertently discovered a neat feature I didn't know existed:
by pasting formatted text into that box, I can instantly change my
formatting to follow whatever that formatting is. I would suggest that
maybe this feature can be exposed via a tooltip, since it seems very
handy and I didn't even know it existed. However, it seems like there
are no tooltips in the preferences window, so I'll assume there's a
reason for that. But that might be an avenue you could follow in your
attempts to make things smaller. I do appreciate this, as even on
larger screens sometimes the preferences pane feels a bit crowded.
Thanks for the great effort!

-Ibrahim Awwal

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