unable to set account status

Ka-Hing Cheung khc at hxbc.us
Thu Feb 26 23:06:42 EST 2009

On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 19:49 +0530, Nagesh wrote:
> Hi Ka-Hing Cheung,
> Thanks for you reply.
> As I you have suggested, I looked in to the /usr/bin/purple-remote
> setstatus,
> I could find that it was setting the saved status, where as I need to
> change
> the status of the account to the something like
> Available,Chatty,Away,Extended away,Do Not Disturb,Offline,Listening
> to music etc..
> which I think are the default statues for the account.

$ purple-remote --help | grep setstatus

> can you please suggest me appropriate methods, which I need to use and
> in which order 
> I have to execute them.

You need to try harder yourself.


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