Collecting feature requests

Casey Ho pidgin at
Fri Jan 2 18:31:54 EST 2009

Just a few minutes ago I created a new "brainstorm" area on the site:

The goal of the site is to have a more open place to collect requests
from users and figure out which ones are the most popular.  The code
running this is the same as the code for Ubuntu Brainstorm

This site was requested by a number of users both in the survey and in
the blog post I recently made.

Ideally, this should act as a low pass filter on ideas + reduce the
number of "cc me" comments on Trac.

Possibly even better- some plugin developer gets inspiration from the
list.  Some Wordpress plugins have originated from the Wordpress Ideas
board (

Of course, what gets most voted on the site will be orthogonal to what
actually gets implemented.  That's fine, I just wanted to reduce the
amount of feature request juggling that needs to occur on Trac + make
it easy for users to "feel heard".

If any developers want a developer account (which allows you to
moderate submissions and add official comments), let me know.


Note: The new site runs Drupal, which means we can extend this in the
future.  On the downside, Drupal is resource intensive (Sean already
pointed this out).  I went with Drupal+Brainstorm because it was the
only available open source solution.

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