Fwd: Collecting feature requests

Casey Ho pidgin at caseyho.com
Sat Jan 3 21:37:21 EST 2009

>> We don't let patch writers commit their patches to our source code to
>> our monotone server without discussion and review.  Again, most of our
>> developers don't even undertake major changes without running it by as
>> many people as possible for consensus.  I would really appreciate
>> discussing things like this BEFORE implementation so we can have these
>> discussions amongst both users and developers like we're doing now after
>> the fact.
> Yes, please!

I apologize if that's the impression.

I say that because I've gotten feedback on a lot of things (primarily
via IRC), and some things passed and others didn't.  Brainstorm was
one of the things that did relatively well.

Most things I've done have been looked at by other devs and have had
feedback (not on devel).  Some were actually requested by devs.  Of
course, the ultimate responsibility is mine, and if I've
pissed/confused you, then you can tell me privately.

If you have a reason to revert a change of mine, then do so.


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