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Mon Jan 5 12:38:07 EST 2009

On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 2:33 AM, Luke Schierer <lschiere at> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 03:32:53PM -0800, Casey Ho wrote:
>> > I *highly* suspect that most users voting have disreguarded, never
>> > assimilated the idea that their input does not affect the direction of
>> > development.
>> >
>> > If brainstorm is in fact restricting users to one vote up or down per
>> > item, then what is most clear from those results is that users don't
>> > even really understand what they are voting on.  Because a vote down for
>> > voice and video in QQ is hardly, if we were to follow the trends, would
>> > hardly advance voice and video support in any other protocol.
>> >
>> > Luke
>> To reiterate my other email, this is not a development tool or a tool
>> to influence the direction of development.
>> This is a place for brainstorming, as the name implies.  And the point
>> of brainstorming is to encourage discussion without having to act on
>> things right away, i.e. get involved in a flamewar with devs on Trac.
>> Drupal's performance is a straw man argument.  I had configured Drupal
>> to automatically shut down in the case of high load/high usage- based
>> on what you had said earlier.  Drupal was not responsible for the
>> server downtine earlier this week.
> I am not and have not blamed drupal for the downtime earlier this week.
> I'm just asserting, based on my experience, that is a huge resource hog,
> resources that we often find scarce.
> That it will, supposedly, shut itself down in such at such a time, but I
> think we are better served with a mechanism that we can have up all the
> time.

This is what the Brainstorm author commented[1] about this:

Concerning Drupal and Brainstorm performance, I'd like to share my
experience. I'm its author and I'm part of the team managing

During the launch of Ubuntu Brainstorm, we faced some performance
issues, for two days. Why? Because 1/ we didn't activated Drupal
caching and 2/ the launch of Brainstorm was *highly* popular (300,000
votes the first day, slashdotted, digged, wired).
But after that, we set up the Drupal caching, then a Squid proxy
(better than drupal caching), and things calmed down.
We are now running well on a shared Xen host with a dozen of others
virtual machines, at 3,000 votes a day, and dozens of thousands of
unique visits/day.
for some graph of the evolution of user input quantity.

I'll probably comment later the Pidgin decision to shut down their
Brainstorm, but that's rather dissapointing.


Felipe Contreras

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