Collecting feature requests

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Sat Jan 3 19:33:07 EST 2009

On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 03:32:53PM -0800, Casey Ho wrote:
> > I *highly* suspect that most users voting have disreguarded, never
> > assimilated the idea that their input does not affect the direction of
> > development.
> >
> > If brainstorm is in fact restricting users to one vote up or down per
> > item, then what is most clear from those results is that users don't
> > even really understand what they are voting on.  Because a vote down for
> > voice and video in QQ is hardly, if we were to follow the trends, would
> > hardly advance voice and video support in any other protocol.
> >
> > Luke
> To reiterate my other email, this is not a development tool or a tool
> to influence the direction of development.
> This is a place for brainstorming, as the name implies.  And the point
> of brainstorming is to encourage discussion without having to act on
> things right away, i.e. get involved in a flamewar with devs on Trac.
> Drupal's performance is a straw man argument.  I had configured Drupal
> to automatically shut down in the case of high load/high usage- based
> on what you had said earlier.  Drupal was not responsible for the
> server downtine earlier this week.

I am not and have not blamed drupal for the downtime earlier this week.
I'm just asserting, based on my experience, that is a huge resource hog,
resources that we often find scarce. 

That it will, supposedly, shut itself down in such at such a time, but I
think we are better served with a mechanism that we can have up all the

> I'm glad to see that a voting plugin is being installed, but there's
> nothing to say that both Brainstrom and Trac voting can't coexist.  If
> it ever hinders development, we can shut down Brainstorm, the trigger
> has been pulled before this has ever been proven.
> -Casey

Of course they could co-exist, but then brainstorm is redundant at best,
misleading most probably, and alienating at worst.


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