Fwd: Collecting feature requests

Casey Ho pidgin at caseyho.com
Tue Jan 6 00:41:31 EST 2009

> In this thread people expressed opinions, no resolution was ever advertised.

The resolution, which seems to be for all the devs including myself
unless another dev says otherwise:

Voting is now installed on Trac.  If someone has good Python skills,
it would be very welcome if they could help out with improving the
Trac+voting UI.  It's a step forward, and that's the important part.

If someone wishes to set up a non official Brainstorm, that's
perfectly cool too.


For the curious, I still think a Brainstorm site would theoretically
be better than something integrated into Trac.  But the utility of
Brainstorm is nullified if the developers never visit the site
(regardless of whether or not actions are taken).  There's theory, and
then there's reality.

This was quite literally a minor project/experiment that isn't all
that important for development.  Not having it won't spell the doom of
the world.  Also, there are much better and much more welcome ideas in
the work right now.

Thanks to those of you who expressed enthusiasm for this, but consider
this opinion final.


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