Monotone: Best practice for setting up an 'im.pidgin.adium' branch?

Evan Schoenberg evands at
Tue Jan 6 10:03:19 EST 2009

I'd like to create a monotone branch - at least, I think branch is the  
right word - to track the specific version of libpurple being used  
within Adium and to allow us to easily commit Adium-specific changes  
or additions without losing the ability to propagate.

I've set up monotone on and have an up-to-date database of  
im.pidgin.*.  My thought of what to do next was to:
1. Use mtn serve on to establish a network server
2. Create im.pidgin.adium as a branch off im.pidgin.pidgin at 2.5.2
3. push this branch to's monotone server.

In the future, I would:
1. Pull from and then propagate from  
im.pidgin.pidgin at version_x's_tag to im.pidgin.adium
2. Sync to's monotone server.

And in the meantime and future, commits can be made to im.pidgin.adium  
which will be maintained and merged as appropriate.  Changes committed  
to im.pidgin.adium can also, of course, be selectively cherry picked  
into im.pidgin.pidgin as appropriate, though I expect that any work  
which is initially intended to go into libpurple or pidgin would just  
be done there in the first place.

Is this the right pattern? Is there anything I could do to make it  
better for Pidgin or Adium?  Is there anything about it which would be  

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