2.5.4mtn loses loaded plugins at shutdown (Was Re: pidgin: c1eb11b6: Rearrange prefs uninitialization now tha...)

Paul Aurich paul at aurich.com
Thu Jan 8 04:26:21 EST 2009

And Paul Aurich spake on 01/08/2009 01:15 AM, saying:
> I'm pretty sure this change and the previous one, 59dabca5, now cause me
> to lose all of my loaded plugins when I shut down Pidgin, since the
> plugins are destroyed (and /pidgin/plugins/loaded cleared, I guess) and
> then purple_prefs_uninit() is called, which forces a saving of
> prefs.xml, where previously the 5 second timer wouldn't expire before
> Pidgin quits.*

#0  purple_plugins_save_loaded (key=0x4bd269 "/pidgin/plugins/loaded")
    at plugin.c:1244
(call to pidgin_plugins_save optimized out here)
#1  0x000000000047d0be in pidgin_quit () at gtkmain.c:326
#2  0x00007f95c382bbfa in purple_core_quit () at core.c:228

At this point, all the plugins have already been unloaded, so either the
UI should be quit before the plugins are unloaded or the UI shouldn't be
trying to save the list of plugins.


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