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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Jan 17 18:15:19 EST 2009

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 09:37:08PM +0200, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> You don't seem to thrive for freedesktop compliance.

I personally don't.  There are those among us who like it, but I will
never be one of them.

> > Following the sound theme spec would be wasted effort, as it's still in
> > draft and still very new.  It can and probably will change before
> > becoming final, and not all changes are backward-compatible.
> Yea, maybe, it depends on much applications like Pidgin collaborate in
> order to improve it.

I don't see a reason for us to participate in XDG theme specifications,
but then, all I care about is that we cross off the "support Adium
themes" RFE.

> Bullshit. Distributions know the value of good libraries like
> libcanberra, and it has been included in all major distributions:
> Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE since a while ago.

All the world is not end-user desktops.  RHEL is slow to accept
packages, as are a number of other distributions that aren't targeted at
the regular user's desktop but instead for corporate and other
environments where slower movement is more highly valued.

> Moreover, GNOME 2.24 includes libcanberra. So chances are most Pidgin
> users already have libcanberra installed.

I couldn't care less about GNOME and what it does or doesn't do.

> Windows support is a valid concern. It takes 61K in my machine, that
> doesn't seem to be a huge burden.

It is, however, yet another library that Daniel has to track and keep
updated in our Windows packages.  It's bad enough that we're going to
have all the gstreamer and farsight crap when we go to 3.0.0 and support
voice and video.

As it stands now, Daniel has to track the following for Windows
  * GTK+
  * GLib
  * ATK
  * Pango
  * Cairo
  * libxml2
  * libmeanwhile
  * perl
  * silc-toolkit
  * Mozilla NSS/NSPR
  * Gtkspell
  * Aspell
  * Tcl
  * Bonjour
  * Cyrus SASL

Now, add the gstreamer libraries and plugins, libnice, farsight, etc.
and even a small library like libcanberra is an annoying additional
burden, especially if it has windows-specific issues like GTK+ and glib

> Excellent. You are accepting my premise; you don't play well with others.

We play well with others, so long as we agree with them.  It's quite
clear I will never agree with XDG, so from that it's easy to infer that
I will never play well with them.  That doesn't mean that we as a whole
refuse to play well with the entire world.

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