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Sun Jan 18 02:03:06 EST 2009

2009/1/18 John Bailey <rekkanoryo at>:
> On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 09:37:08PM +0200, Felipe Contreras wrote:


>> Bullshit. Distributions know the value of good libraries like
>> libcanberra, and it has been included in all major distributions:
>> Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE since a while ago.
> All the world is not end-user desktops.  RHEL is slow to accept
> packages, as are a number of other distributions that aren't targeted at
> the regular user's desktop but instead for corporate and other
> environments where slower movement is more highly valued.

I've discussed before about how stupid it is to try to do the job of
half a decade old distributions. It doesn't help to keep discussing
this anymore.


> Now, add the gstreamer libraries and plugins, libnice, farsight, etc.
> and even a small library like libcanberra is an annoying additional
> burden, especially if it has windows-specific issues like GTK+ and glib
> do.

It probably doesn't have any issues, since it's very small.

>> Excellent. You are accepting my premise; you don't play well with others.
> We play well with others, so long as we agree with them.  It's quite
> clear I will never agree with XDG, so from that it's easy to infer that
> I will never play well with them.  That doesn't mean that we as a whole
> refuse to play well with the entire world.

Ha! That sounds familiar.

Do you even understand what is a cooperation body? It's meant to be a
place where all the parties can cooperate and propose standards that
are good enough; of course the parties must make a commitment to
express their opinion and stand up when they think something is wrong,
but make a compromise and accept the resolution of all the parties
even if they don't agree completely.

If you don't participate in the specification process, and you don't
accept the resolutions, then you are ignoring the cooperation body

"We play well with others, so long as we agree with them"

This must be a joke. it's like USA saying: we play well with others,
we are part of the UN, and we accept UN resolutions... when we agree
with them. It kinds of misses the point of what the UN is, don't you

I'm sorry, but ignoring freedesktop effectively means you don't play
well with others. You don't have a commitment, you just do whatever
you want, if that happens to be the same as other people are doing,
well that's just luck. Or perhaps there's another collaboration body
like freedesktop you are participating, hearing others and coming up
with good standards?

I'm not trying to change who you are, I just want you to accept it.

Felipe Contreras

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