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Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Mon Jan 19 07:08:45 EST 2009


first of all, I'm reading this ML for about 2 years now and I'm tired of
these pointless discussions. Note: I'm in no way tied to Pidgin apart
from posting some answers here and there.

Felipe Contreras schrieb:
> Following the ODF example, when Microsoft pushed the OpenXML format
> they where not 'playing well with others' even though they *allowed*
> ODF as an _alternative_ format.
What's your point here? ODF is a file format. You don't "work" on that
file directly. Instead you use a reader and convert your files into a
internal or proprietary data model. This reader (or loader) is
exchangeable (e.g OpenOffice is able to read various file formats). In
the other direction it's the same, you have various writers which
produce different file types out of your document.

As far as I understood this discussion, Pidgin works exactly the same.
It has an internal mechanism for sound and supports various loaders to
be compatible to different systems. That's perfectly OK from a design
point and in no way this is "reinventing" the wheel or does support your
"not playing well with others"-statement.

If your point is, that this is "unnecessary", because there /is/ only
one standard, then say so. But this has absolutely nothing to do with
not playing well with others.

As so many posted before: Felipe, this is my last message/discussion
with you. Every discussion goes the same: You repeat your points over
and over, not giving new arguments, where others put a lot of effort in
trying to explain *you* their points. You don't seem to even remotely
trying to understand them...


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