9e31989c: A patch from Chris Connett to change the...

Kevin Stange kevin at
Mon Jan 26 13:55:39 EST 2009

Richard Laager wrote:
> I'd like to call everyone's attention to this patch I just committed
> to .next.minor:
> On Sun, 2009-01-25 at 23:35 -0500, rlaager at wrote:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> Revision: 9e31989cbbfb97087f98e6a64e1da18efa3c3f54
>> Branch:
>> A patch from Chris Connett to change the log size sorting method to weight
>> logs by date.  In other words, to sort them by *recent* activity as opposed
>> to total log size.
>> Fixes #5447
> Here's the relevant description from #5447:
>         It implements a new buddy list sorting method. Buddies are
>         sorted by their recent activity, i.e., how much text you have
>         exchanged recently.
>         It works similarly to the log size sorting method, but instead
>         of counting number of bytes in a particular conversation, it
>         counts bytes in the conversation decayed exponentially by age,
>         with a half-life of 14 days. Thus, people you've started talking
>         to a lot in recent days will climb to the top of the buddy list.
>         Since recent text counts more, new friends you've been talking
>         with recently will claim the top spots, instead of the person
>         you've known a long time and who has the largest log.
> Note, the patch as committed *replaces* the existing sort method. I'm
> especially interested to know how people feel about that.

Why did you replace the existing sort method instead of adding an
additional option to the menu?


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