Merging next.minor into trunk

Kevin Stange kevin at
Mon Jan 26 15:22:55 EST 2009

Casey Ho wrote:
> Some people have suggested that the stats reporting code that I've
> been sitting on should be targeted for 2.6.0.  I still need to finish
> that code and have it reviewed by everyone.  If you wait a couple
> extra days I'll try to get it in.

The merge does not imply immediately release, just that we would start
focusing on major testing and cleanup to prepare the code in next.minor
so that it will be the next release, whenever that is.  It could be a
few weeks.  I've been meaning to get to a patch I'm sitting on as well
for 2.6.0.

After merging, we would only prepare 2.5.x releases for major bugfixes.


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