Merging next.minor into trunk

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Tue Jan 27 00:43:07 EST 2009

Mark Doliner wrote:
> If there are no objections I can merge that branch in the next few
> days (and we can keep doing struct hiding until we think we want to
> release).  Richard, did you say there was something you wanted to look
> into before merging?

One of the things Richard wanted to finish was the merging of the ICQ X-Status
stuff currently in im.pidgin.cpw.rekkanoryo.icqxstatus.  I'm not particularly
fond of the idea of merging next.minor anywhere until the X-Status stuff is
merged into it.

> Regardless of what we do with next.minor, we may want to do a small
> patch release of 2.5.5 with a fix for the ICQ connection problem, if
> the problems persists.  See for
> more info.

I was also hoping we could get 2.5.5 to fix that CacheKey stuff for MSNp15 that
the author of libmsnpsharp (I think that was the name of it) pointed out on
Adium's forums as being responsible for part of our failure in the MSN fiasco a
while back.


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