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can you have the videos tiled?
what about it showing in the ROOT window in XWindows?
Or what about just having a stream file, and just using a screenlet display that stream?> Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 11:44:13 +0100> From: ben at bridts.be> To: cmaiku at gmail.com> Subject: Re: VV GUI> CC: devel at pidgin.im> > Maiku wrote:> > we're starting to> > think that detaching the media from the conversation window is likely> > the best course of action. It could pop up with an accept dialog> > similar to how file transfers currently work. A few of the benefits of> > this would be being able to resize the video well, you wouldn't have> > to open a conversation to participate in a media session, and it would> > work better when MUC media sessions are added.> > more benefits: it could be made always on top, without having the conversation always on top.> Multiple conversations with and without chat would look consistent when changing tabs.> > > Let me know what you think,> > I think (imho) it's a great idea> > Are you planning to make the preview of your own video a different window, or would it be in the> same as the video you receive?> 
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