Launchpad Bug field in Trac

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Wed Jan 28 15:25:49 EST 2009

* John Bailey had this to say on [28 Jan 2009, 15:08:28 -0500]:
> I see we now have a "Launchpad Bug" field on our tickets.  I have a few
> questions about this.
>  * Who added this?
>  * Why are we giving special treatment to Ubuntu, but ignoring
>    Debian, RedHat, Novell, Mandriva, etc.?
>  * Why do we need to keep track of this?  It's the packager's
>    job to keep track of what bugs on their end correspond to bugs
>    on our trac, not the other way around.

   * Is there a reason this kind of changes are made without discussing
     it with other developers first?

> John


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