Launchpad Bug field in Trac

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Jan 31 12:35:13 EST 2009

Richard Laager wrote: 

>>  * Who added this?
> Umm, me. Duh! ;)

Well, there are a number of us with the necessary access to do so. :-P

> I noticed RedHat's bugzilla recently grew this at some point. That said=
> nobody else has released a Trac plugin, so at the moment, our choices
> are to install none or 100% of the existing plugins of this type.

I didn't realize this was a plugin.  All I saw was the field on the ticke=
t, so I
just assumed it was a custom field, for which I would have preferred a la=
bel of
something similar to "External Ticket References", where the field would =
take a
full URL.  Since it's a plugin, though, that point is moot.

The only reason I even noticed this field to begin with was tickets #8254=
#8255, #8256, and #8257, on which the submitter filled in the field with =
bare ticket number from launchpad.

> 1. Supposedly the plugin reduces server load for Launchpad updating bug=

> status, so it may be a net win for us simply because other people use
> Launchpad. I'm not sure how much I trust this estimate, though.

In my experience, most claims of reducing server load are either flat-out=
or make a completely insignificant difference, so I'd tend not to trust t=
statement either.

> 2. It should mirror comments between the two, which may be useful.

Yes, this might be particularly useful if we had some way to make this wo=
rk for
Debian's BTS and RedHat's bugzilla, at least.  On the other hand, it coul=
d cause
ticket e-mail to increase by insane amounts, so I'll reserve judgement on=
feature until we see it in action.

> To be honest, I'm not sure why they have it adding the Launchpad Bug
> field in quite the way it does. That's something I can look into
> changing once the setup is complete. It seems to me that the linkages
> should happen on the Launchpad side only (as they are now) and just
> magically show up on our end. If this is going to require extra work on=

> our end to be useful, I'll uninstall the plugin.

They're probably just adding a custom field to the tickets and having the=
manage it.  I agree, though, if it's going to require *us* to do work, th=
en it's
not worth it.


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