pidgin: 60b8637e: Clarify that Purple::Prefs::add_none() r...

Kevin Stange kstange at
Sat Jul 4 06:12:46 EDT 2009

darkrain42 at wrote:
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> Revision: 60b8637e2af27d99451c148fe737ebf48ac8c901
> Ancestor: c9200b58a3e76e0eb7e693c9262158bbad8a8afc
> Author: darkrain42 at
> Date: 2009-07-04T03:08:10
> Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
> URL:
> Modified files:
>         doc/PERL-HOWTO.dox
> ChangeLog: 
> Clarify that Purple::Prefs::add_none() really is necessary

This function name is stupid.  We should rename it and leave this as an
alias to that name, selecting a term that better represents what the
function is actually doing.


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