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Ethan Blanton elb at
Sat Jul 4 19:37:30 EDT 2009

John Bailey spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I've been looking at the list of blockers for 2.6.0.  Thanks to Paul,
> we were down to two, which were the patches on #3319 (which I have
> outright rejected) and the merging of the ICQ X-Status stuff.
> Currently, the ICQ X-Status stuff is the only remaining blocker.
> Since this is all that remains, I propose that we push the ICQ
> X-Status stuff to 2.7.0 and start a string freeze next Sunday lasting
> for at least two weeks to give translators adequate time to catch up,
> since I get the feeling we've had a lot of string changes.  Ideally
> I'd like to have 2.6.0 released on July 30.

I'm not going to hold 2.6.0 up for this, necessarily, but we've been
sitting on the X-Status stuff for a *while* now.  I recall that when I
looked at it, it didn't seem that there was a lot I could personally
usefully do for it.  What does it need, exactly, and who needs to do
it (or do we know)?  Is there anything the rest of us can do to help?
I'd really like to see this go in.


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