pidgin: b05f9366: Password reenter prompt only for account...

Sulabh Mahajan at
Sun Jul 5 01:51:17 EDT 2009

On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 4:33 AM, Eus <> wrote:

> Please be informed that I don't save my Yahoo! password with the Pidgin
> because every time I switch my status to "Available" from "Offline", I
> always get a password prompt as expected.

And this is the exact behavior you can expect from the next release onwards.

> So, I don't really know whether the committed fix really fixes the
> problem that I reported. Is there anyway I can confirm whether the fix
> really works, for example, by downloading a software update via
> GNU/Linux Ubuntu 8.04 update system or by downloading the source code
> before fix and after fix?

The issue has been fixed for Pidgin 2.6.0, scheduled to be released later
this month. Though you don't need to confirm, if you really want you can
check the latest code from im.pidgin.pidgin branch, keeping in mind that
doing so is NOT recommended for non-developers.

-- Sulabh
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