Thank you for Pidgin, and all the quick fixes.

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at
Thu Jul 9 00:13:41 EDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 9:07 PM, Epic Reviews<epicreviews at> wrote:
> I want to thank you all for one of the best pieces of software on my
> computer. I use Pidgin for nearly all my communications.
> I also want to thank you for such quick fixes. I noticed a problem with
> pidgin not always having an icon on the taskbar in Windows Vista, and it
> seems to be fixed as of the latest version. Plus the Yahoo is fixed, which
> is very nice.
> Thanks once again, just thought I should write something nice to all you
> hard workers who work on this wonderful program not for money, but for the
> love of making computing better and easier for us all.
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I'd like to second that :-P

Question along these lines I see no info about donations on the faq is
there a pot to donate to or is it strictly all volunteer work only.
I'm not bad with code I just am finding myself less and less willing
to do anything. I may be willing to port some code from one thing to
another given some specs but willingness of my brain to cooperate with
reading and writing code just gets harder and harder. If I can donate
money when I can afford it it would make it easier for us less skilled
people to donate. I always donate with testing via usage and give as
much a detailed explanation of any problems I can but that seems
little with as few issues I have with it.

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