Thank you for Pidgin, and all the quick fixes.

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Instant Messaging Freedom did eventually get non-profit status.  I  
think Kevin was going to write a donation page, but free time is  
always at a premium.


On Jul 9, 2009, at 00:24 EDT, John Bailey wrote:

> Jeff Sadowski wrote:
>> Question along these lines I see no info about donations on the faq  
>> is
>> there a pot to donate to or is it strictly all volunteer work only.
> We have been looking to set up a donation system for Instant  
> Messaging Freedom,
> Inc., the non-profit corporation set up three years ago (one of you  
> old-timers
> please correct me if I'm wrong here--I wasn't in the loop then!).   
> One of IMF's
> purposes is to shield individual developers from lawsuits such as  
> the one we
> were facing over the use of our former name.  Unfortunately, we do  
> not yet have
> that donation system up and running.  It's on our to-do list, but it  
> seems to
> just never happen.
> Right now, I would say that the best use of donations intended for  
> Pidgin in
> general would be to donate to the Software Freedom Law Center, who  
> have provided
> our legal counsel in the founding and maintenance of IMF and staving  
> off the
> lawsuit from AOL.  Otherwise, you could find out if any developers  
> have specific
> preferred charities or donate to an organization that helps people  
> in need in
> your local area.
> John
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